What’s in a Name?!?

The Picadilly Circus billboard makes us think about the importance of how to name your business.
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How to name your business or product for maximum impact!

Naming your business or products is a serious matter. The name you choose can play an integral part in the marketing of your company. Your business name projects your business image, brand, and position in the marketplace.

  • It’s the FIRST thing people SEE when they do a general search of your industry
  • It has the ability to “sum up” EVERYTHING your company is about…

What is your business name?
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Attract Your Ideal Client with Ease!

As you narrow your options, you want to be sure that you are working within certain industry expectations. Your goal is to create a name that attracts your ideal client like a magnet.

  • Clearly define your target market (family / individual / one-time or repeat / etc…) and know what they want to buy from you
  • Know the names of your top 3 competitors
  • Study your competition to understand why people buy from them

Choosing the perfect name for your small business can be one of the most important and potentially challenging steps of building a company. Sometimes it happens organically, and a business owner knows exactly what the name should be. If you are still working on the “perfect” business name, you will need to mix creativity with some good old fashioned research:

  1. Get ready to search for Trademark / Registered / Copyright / so you don’t end up in a legal battle over naming rights. The SBA can help!
  2. Remember to consider your reach – Do you plan to work globally? Different words mean different things to different people!
  3. Consider the url, is it available?
  4. Using your own name might cause trouble if you decide to sell the company later

FYI – We’ve helped several of our clients with a little thing we like to call “Namestorming” and we’d love to help you too!

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