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Speaker. Trainer. Brand Strategist.

Wendy is a brand visionary with more than 20 years of experience in branding and marketing. Wendy is passionate about helping businesses leverage the power of AI to establish a unique and authentic brand that aligns with their values and connects emotionally with their ideal client. She believes that in order to achieve consistent business success and goals, the business must be in alignment with their own unique brand strategy. And, that business branding dictates and drives all business efforts from programs, products, services and marketing to culture, people and client interaction. Wendy has a Master’s degree in branding and design and more than 15 years experience teaching college level branding and marketing. 

Wendy has worked with some of the world’s leading brands such as MTV networks, Nickelodeon, RCA records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Allure Magazine, Rockefeller Center, P Diddy, and more. She is an accomplished stage speaker and enjoys presenting at business and industry related events. Her priority is to catapult experts, entrepreneurs and small businesses, to success by building trust, relevancy, and credibility through HUMAN connection. Her clients boast their new found ability to see unlimited potential, and abundant possibilities for themselves, and their businesses. Her IMPACTORS Global Mastermind™ empowers and connects entrepreneurs on a global scale, providing actionable insights they can apply to their business immediately.

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How To Use AI to Make A Powerful IMPACT in 7 Seconds or Less — my signature talk

Discover 3 powerful strategies that will elevate your brand’s voice from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn how to harness the power of AI to create a distinctive brand voice that connects emotionally with your ideal client. Gain valuable insights and strategies to attract your ideal client like a magnet, make more money and impact the world! Join us and unlock the secrets to activating a unique and compelling AI brand voice. You are a UNICORN and we’re looking for you!

The AI Magic Marketing Method

If you like SYSTEMS, as much as I do,  you’ll love this talk!  It’s a science! Intelligent Brands™ AI MAGIC MARKETING METHOD to support you in the development of your AI brand and business foundation. Our proprietary AI MAGIC MARKETING METHOD™ breaks it down into implementable steps. Discover the spellbinding possibilities of AI as we unlock the secrets to creating an extraordinary brand voice. Learn how AI can infuse magic into your messaging, captivating your audience with its magnetic allure. 

What ChatGPT is NOT Telling You About Your Brand Voice

ChatGPT is keeping some important secrets from you. Do I have your attention? Let’s do a deep dive into the untold secrets and insights that go beyond what AI models like ChatGPT can offer. Explore the nuances, emotional connections, and human touch that make your brand voice truly exceptional. Discover practical tips, expert advice, and hidden gems that will empower you to create a unique brand voice that connects and converts. You deserve to know the truth…

Amazing Brands I've Helped Along the Way

RCA is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Bad Boy Entertainment is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Allure is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Jive Records is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Miramax is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Oracle s just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Ball is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!

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