It’s a Numbers Game, Wanna Play?

A crowd of people bustle across a train platform, they want to buy what you have to offer but you need to know your numbers!
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Every business, new and growing, must first know exactly what’s needed financially to survive and needed to thrive. Knowing your numbers will help you to create compelling offers around your products that appeal to your target market and make it easy for them to say “YES”!

Knowing your numbers is key to sales success. 

And, if you’ve been in business for any time at all, you know that making money is a numbers game. You can call it enrollment, sales, and/or buying in, but in the end, if you are exchanging your services for money, it is a SALE!

Branding and Marketing encompass all that is necessary to promote your business products and services, but it only works if you work it! It’s critical to know the value of what you offer, both as it relates to the client AND as it provides a sustainable business income.

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Now, – this is your BIG takeaway – you need to get very comfortable promoting your business – everyday, all the time! The internet makes it affordable to communicate broadly about your business through social channels and paid advertising. However, it can never take the place of personal connections – never…

Truth is, today’s consumer is savvy and they want to “meet the boss” whenever possible. Map out a plan to make yourself available to your ideal prospect, including picking up the phone and calling them personally!

According to Pinnacle Global Network, regarding knowing your numbers:

every aspect of your business can be and probably should be measured. What to measure? Revenue, expenses, cost to acquire a customer, lifetime value of a customer and lead list size.”

If you like math, then you are going to LOVE our workbook!

Knowing your numbers is key to successful lead generation and sales. Now, get out there, shake hands, kiss babies & be your brand!

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