Insanidog is a podcast based on the adventures of Marley and her human. The goal was to create a caricature that embodied the relationship while allowing for easy animation/motion graphics to be applied without asking the real Marley to sit still for a photoshoot! Fun, Playful, Witty, Trendy, and, of course, “Insanely” Attractive!

“Hello, this is Marley, affectionately known as “InsaniDog”. My goal is to help all my four-legged friends understand the nuances of TAMING their human. It’s a challenging proposition at best… but I’m here to re-assure you that, with persistence, it can be done!”


How to tame your human

Hello, this is Marley, affectionately known as “InsaniDog”. I couldn’t be happier with the caricature branding that we received from BARRCODE and Wendy’s team of experts! It captures the love I have for my human and frees me up from having to do any grueling photoshoots for marketing and advertising… I told you humans could be tamed!



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