The Best Things In Life Come In Gorgeous Packaging!

Beautifully designed boxes for Hemp Way foods showcase what gorgeous packaging design is all about!
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Several months ago, way back in November 2021 (lol), Wendy accepted an opportunity to sit on the Packaging and Labeling Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association. Soon after, she assumed a role in leadership as the Committee Organizer. Then, this happened…

She wrote an article about Brand Drive Packaging Design and, YES, the NCIA published the article on their blog! We are thrilled and honored to have her article shared on this prestigious professional industry blog.

Just like the other articles she’s posted, this is the good stuff. The ‘help your business scale’, stuff. There’s an awesome video and freebie workbook as well, so dig your heels in. But first, take a second and head on over to read all about how the best things in life come in gorgeous packaging.

Check it out!

Wendy loves packaging! Check out this video!

If you are in this to win this, do it right the first time! Invest in gorgeous packaging design.

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