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The secret to radical business building is having a successful business strategy that is methodical, organized and executed diligently. A well thought out plan of action that is implemented for your company in an effort to reach your desired goals.

Most small businesses require the leadership of the company to wear many hats. You need to work “in” your business every day to fulfill client orders, keep the books, order supplies, advertise and market, pay the bills and hire/train your employees. In addition, you need to work “on” your business with future planning around product development, budgets for sustainability, new technology learning curves, and creative business strategies for growth and expansion, among other tasks! Bandwidth can spread pretty thin, pretty fast…

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Mike Murdock

So, how do you focus your efforts on a radical business building?

The secret to success, however, is found in your ability to FOCUS your efforts on key projects until you see them through to a place where they start working for you and not against you. That’s why we created a multitude of workbooks, based on our actual client needs, challenges and overall struggles.

For example, here at Barrcode Branding, we noticed that we were investing a great deal of time guiding our individual clients through business foundation and brand basics (working “in” our business), and recognized the value of stepping back to create tools (working “on” our business) that streamlined the process and honed in on tasks we found ourselves duplicating. We created a successful business strategy that works for us. As a result, we have more time to address our clients burning business and brand development needs faster and more efficiently!

Structuring the time to focus on building this out took effort, but the results speak for themselves! Not only does it provide education for prospects and clients alike, it creates an opportunity for additional income, and it frees up our time to focus on other exciting projects!

An organized and streamlined system will optimize your radical business success!

  1. Increase ROI cost efficiency
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Enhance both internal and external communication
  4. Better time management
  5. Minimize risks and loss
  6. Build brand awareness

Build an Empire!

It’s sad how often really spectacular business ideas fail for lack of planning… a successful business strategy can help catapult your results quickly. Now that’s radical business building! We said it before and we’ll say it again,

It takes time to develop a profitable business with powerful branding that can carve out a section of the marketplace, survive, and thrive.

How would you rate your current Business Model?
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  • Do you have clear Mission/Vision statements?
  • Do you have solid financial planning for sustainable growth?
  • Can you highlight your unique distinctions in the marketplace?
  • Can you describe your ideal client?
  • Have you developed irresistible products with compelling offers?
  • How effective are your Branding and Marketing assets and strategies?

We hope you answered YES and GREAT to all of the above! And, for those that answered, “I don’t have time for that right now, I have a business to run…” – how do you expect to compete in the long-run with those who do take the time to build out a solid, sustainable, scalable business model at the start?

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