Your Ideal Customer Never Looked So Good!

Wendy and Shevelle celebrate in fantastic shoes because they have found their ideal customer!
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Let’s discuss how to define your ideal customer. This is the person or company, depending on you business model, that has a clear and distinct problem that you can solve. They reach out to you with their wallet in hand asking all the right questions you know how to answer!

Quality branding & packaging design has everything to do with attraction…

Take it from us, it’s a powerful experience when you have identified your target audience so clearly that every day is your ideal day! (see previous article for reference to “ideal day”)

For some businesses that provide a necessary “everyone needs it” kinda product (think toilet paper), your ideal client can be a very broad cross section of the paying public. But, if you are an entrepreneurs in a niche market (think business coaching or patented serum eye cream), it is critical to get specific on who you want to work with, and why they need your products/services. As a result, defining your ideal customer, will take the guess work out of the sales process and help you to focus on qualified leads that you really want to work with.

The biggest trick is narrowing things down…

Be your brand! Check out this video!

We work with clients every day that truly believe their products/services are for everyone. They may be right – BUT – that’s not how branding and marketing works… You will get a far better ROI (Return On Investment) when you focus your efforts on a particular subsection of society. It will allow you to get clear on what they really need and how you can meet those needs.

Take some time to think through the key characteristics of your ideal client:


Your Ideal Client Cheatsheet:

1. Identify your primary product offering (your flagship)

2. Consider your ideal customer’s problems and pain points

3. Determine if your specific offering will solve your ideal clients problem/s

4. Note how your ideal customer makes their buying decisions

5. Be honest about who you really want to work with

In conclusion, once you figure out how to define your ideal customer, you’ll have a solid foundation for your business growth. Then, and only then can you build an effective marketing strategy that speaks directly to them.

“Your ability to clearly define and focus in on the customers who can most rapidly buy your product or service will be essential to your business success.” —Brian Tracy 

If you would like some help with this, we have created a FUN interactive pdf that helps you identify your Target Audience Persona Avatar.

Download your Target Audience Persona Guide today!

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