Creating Consistent (jaw dropping) Content!

Wendy Barr is surprised by some jaw-dropping content created for social media
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Build a powerful brand by creating social media content and messaging that speaks volumes to who you are as a business.

It’s so much more than just creating social media content…

It’s not enough to have a great business idea, not even enough to turn on your “OPEN” sign. You need to tell the whole world 24/7 just how fabulous and helpful and perfect you are for your ideal client so that they find it irresistible to consider working with you versus your competition.

If you want to build your brand, engage your prospects, and increase sales, it takes time and work.
Neil Patel

So, put on your patience pants and be methodical!

First, get their attention with compelling visual graphic & packaging design – then back it up with consistent, relevant communication in a variety of formats:

  1. Creating Social Media Content allows you to have engaging and interactive experiences in real time, but it’s hard to directly convert these convos to $ on the initial visit…
  2. Paid Advertising and Print Media allows your prospect the ability to save your info and refer back to it when they need what you offer (think home repairs)… but remember, push marketing doesn’t work in today’s environment. Buyers are savvy and they want to bond with a human brand that shares their values.
  3. Personal Connections through local networking events can build instant rapport – or just strategize some good ol’ fashioned smilin’ and dialin’ to introduce yourself and get to know what people are really looking for from you and your business…

Can you think of any other ways that work for you that aren’t already listed here?

  1. Reuse & Recycle your consistent, branded content every day in every way. Pull out a piece of an article or story or training you created and use it in social media or to create an impactful video. Share your Mission, Vision and Core Values, everywhere, all the time.

Let’s be honest, these all have their place in business development – BUT – none of them work unless… wait for it (the clue is in the name of the tip)… you are CONSISTENT!

Content is king, but context is God.  Gary Vaynerchuk

Check out this here video!


Activate Your Brand, and Build a Brand that Lasts!

In conclusion, build your brand on reliable and consistent delivery of product, information and, most of all, value. Reliable and consistent messaging will remind customers that you are the solution, the holy grail, the missing piece of the puzzle they are trying desperately to solve. Ultimately, creating social media content in your unique brand voice, will help you to compete in your marketplace. If your desire to be called an industry leader, you need a solid plan of action around your business messaging.

Sharpen your pencil (fire up your laptop) and let’s get started!

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