How to Choose the Right Branding/Design Agency Without Losing Your Head

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This might be one of the most important decisions you ever make!

Let’s talk about the difference between Visual Branding vs. Strategic Branding.

But first, what exactly is a strategy? Well, a strategy is a tactic to get you from point A to point B, much like GPS.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you come up with a strategy and follow a plan in order to get your desired results quickly and effectively. You don’t just stop eating… 

So, what is Visual Branding?

Visual branding is what ALL brands do. Rarely will you see a business without a logo of sorts. They opt for appealing to their audience visually in the hopes that they will look and feel professional enough for a potential prospect to give them a second glance.

Whereas Strategic Brands are really few and far between.

They might feel like they are on brand by using brand colors, fonts and imagery and such, but when their audience steps forward and interacts with the brand, something falls short. The audience finds that there is very little beneath the surface, no brand experience to speak of, no personality, no communication framework and no differentiation strategy.

These brands are speaking to everyone, and therefore, they are speaking to no one.

While the fact remains that most, if not all businesses do have a logo, only a very small percentage of businesses really have anything behind the logo to substantiate the brand.

In our last article, we talked about the definition of branding, because branding is your secret sauce! But, how do you choose the right branding agency for you and your business?

Branding is a perception, it lives and breathes in the mind of your public. Branding is a comprehensive expression of your business message that speaks for you 24/7. While a logo is one of the most important pieces of any brand, and your visual branding is most likely the first thing that a prospective client sees, branding is so much more than simply a logo…

You only have ONE chance to make a GREAT 1st impression….

So, while your visual identity is critical to your success, your branding is a delicate balance between Strategy, Voice and Visual identity. So, no matter how beautiful your logo/product packaging/website is, if it’s irrelevant to the personality of your brand, it will not resonate with your ideal consumer.

The truth is that without a solid brand strategy to support all of your visuals, your business will struggle. It’s a science…

So, how do you choose the right branding agency for you and your business? It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s actually one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your business.

Remember, people don’t buy products or services, they buy brands…

Branding is an intimate journey. It requires time, money, energy and full disclosure, so it’s imperative that you are working with an agency that ‘gets you’! Someone, or a team of someones that take the time to get to know you, your history, and your future goals.

You want an agency with vision. Someone you can brainstorm, and evolve with. People with ideas, a partner…

Yes, there is a substantial investment involved, but imagine If you think doing it twice because you hired the wrong agency the first time around.

How Do You Choose the Right Branding Agency?

Let’s explore the following:

What is a Branding Agency?

A branding agency is a company that specializes in both strategic and creative work that shapes the future perception of a business, both internally and externally.

What Services Should A Branding Agency Offer?

Deep Dive Brand Insights: This process is developed to extract a deep understanding of the brand with regards to its mission, core values, ideal audience, and overarching goals of the company so that your ideal consumer can connect and react.

Brand Strategy & Analysis: This is where you have the opportunity to develop your foundational brand differentiation, develop your brand architecture, verticals, and plan for the future.

Visualization & Creativity:

Here, the agency develops relevant visuals, brand voice and verbal messaging to create and capture the essence of your overarching brand and catapult your business visibility. Typically, this includes your brand name, logo, colors, imagery, etc.

Brand Positioning & Awareness: This is where you start seeing results. It’s time to dominate your industry and stand apart creatively through campaigns and strategies that highlight your best features and establish powerful touchpoints with your existing, and target clientele.

Brand Momentum:

Here’s where you go deeper and wider to scale your business quickly. Ongoing and consistent brand messaging and strategy will help you build a human connection and brand loyalty with your ideal client, because consistency is your key to success!

What are you working on?
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Tips & Tricks To Choose The Best Branding Agency For You:

  • Look for a company that emphasizes brand development & strategy.
  • Make sure that their portfolio offers plenty of creative variety.
  • Ask for credentials, expertise and reputation.
  • Assess the level of communication with the agency to date.
  • Look for proven methodologies, processes and systems.
  • Read testimonials, review case studies and social proof.
  • Choose an agency that offers long term success & ongoing momentum strategies.

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