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headlights zip by in the night at the same speed as your influence as you create brand awareness
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Brand awareness indicates the level of visibility you’ve achieved with your target audience, and how they respond as a result. Make sure that your branding is in alignment with your value proposition statement.

Walk your walk, and talk your talk in 7 seconds or less…!

Research indicates that you have no more than 7 seconds to capture someone’s attention! Forget your “elevator pitch”, forget your spectacular products and services, forget even getting the chance to introduce yourself… Actually, we’ll help you get your value proposition statement just right. But, you have to catch their eye first…

People decide very quickly whether or not learning more about you fits into their tight schedule and more importantly into their value system.

Plus, on the internet, you are competing with everyone else in your industry from all over the world, and you can’t even be there in person to smile and say “hello”.

So, how can you make a great first impression, one that holds someone’s attention long enough to get the chance to tell them more? SIMPLE ANSWER – Compelling, Relevant, human branding and eye catching VISUALS! Yes, a picture is worth 1k words and maybe even thousands of dollars but, definitely worth every penny you spend to have it designed professionally.

And, we’re not just sayin’ that to impress you – you don’t have to think any harder than to notice your own personal buying habits to appreciate the truth of having GREAT VISUALS… Brand awareness begins with you and the choices you make for your business.

We like talking with you! Check out this video!

What is Your Value Proposition?

Your value proposition defines the unique value a company will create for its customers. It can be operative in segmenting the market and creating a need for a product or service that didn’t exist prior.

Is my brand working for me or against me?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Is my brand working for me or against me?” Or even “My business is doing OK, but could my branding be the reason that I haven’t made it to the next level?” Whether you are growing a new business or scaling an established one, these are valid questions! Listen, we’re here to serve, call us with any questions or concerns.

Let us handle the visuals and optimize your brand awareness!

In the meantime, you can focus on how you talk about your business, products or services with people and prospects that you meet. We’d like to help you get some “insider info” on how to create a powerful Value Proposition Statement (elevator pitch) TODAY!

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There is only one way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your industry leaders. You must look like you belong there! Barrcode Branding Core Value

Let’s get that turned around for you…
Hope to see you INSIDE our CIRCLE!