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In 2016 Wendy Barr pulled together a team of mind-blowing creatives, branding experts, and business strategists completely obsessed with helping entrepreneurs build their business from the brand up. Having a an MS in branding and design, she could see the benefit of bringing an experienced, unconventional, group of forward thinking innovators together. We work remotely, and are proud to be female owned and operated. We are open-minded, love music, art, travel and dogs! We are brand creators and strategists, and graphic designers totally committed to exceptional brand development. 

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We help brilliant business owners build a brand voice, and create marketing momentum using generative AI & ChatGPT to create content that connects emotionally with their target audience so that they can attract their ideal client like a magnet, make more sales and impact the world!

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To provide innovative and meaningful brand strategy that elevate and propel small businesses into profitable success. Boom!

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Wendy Barr

Wendy is a brand visionary. She believes that in order to achieve consistent business success and goals, the business must be in alignment with their distinct brand strategy. And, that business branding dictates and drives all business efforts from programs, products, services and marketing to culture, people and client interaction.
Wendy has an MS in branding and product packaging design and has worked with some of the world’s leading brands such as MTV networks, Nickelodeon, RCA records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Allure Magazine, Rockefeller Center, P Diddy, and more. Her priority is to catapult experts, small businesses, and corporations to success by building trust, relevancy, and credibility. 

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AIMM™ activate > impact > momentum method 

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a “trend”, it’s a game-changer that’s revolutionizing our approach to branding, marketing and business growth strategies. Our proven system is methodical, strategic, and FUN! You don’t have to do this alone, but you do have to do this…
Wendy Speaks about business impact


This is where you lay the groundwork for your business brand by establishing a solid foundation that hinges on your brand VOICE and POSITIONING. Here you will determine your core brand values, long-term goals and unique differentiation. This step will fuel all future strategic planning and generative AI content. 


Then it’s time to determine who your DREAM CLIENT really is. You know the one that lights you up, the type of human you love working with. The goal is to determine if your products or services can really solve their problem. Using AI & ChatGPT we’ll identify your ideal client’s unique characteristics and align them with yours, so that you can connect on an emotional level. Then we’ll do a deep dive analysis into your business details.


Once you’ve established your brand foundation, it’s time to start the engine and add some power and momentum to your brand. This is where AI tools, like Jasper and ChatGPT can really come in handy. Once you have your gorgeous relevant visuals, and understand your brand distinctions, it’s all about consistency. Giddy Up!

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Working on a new project? We love your ambition! We’re always available to jump on a call to discuss what your goals are and how we can add value.