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why brand strategy?

Branding doesn’t begin or end with your logo.

Branding is so much more than a logo, it’s the persona of a company and a reflection of those that work for and lead the company. Your business brand is the platform for inspiration and the framework for all of your strategic business planning. Unfortunately, most business owners begin with the logo and website without doing any brand foundational work. The fact is that your brand foundation and strategy is 90% of the brand, and the visual identity and branded design collateral really only represents 10% of the brand.

We are brand builders, idea shakers and IMPACT makers.

Our creative diversity and commitment to excellence guarantees innovative solutions and quantifiable results. We know that strategic, relevant and compelling branding is a game changer, and we want to know your brand intimately. Together we’ll reveal to the world your authentic brand – your inspiring brand story – a brand that confidently claims its own unique distinctions in the marketplace. Our work is collaborative, enduring and impactful, elevating and propelling business success and brand awareness.

what we do...

branding & business development for humans by humans

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The only thing missing, is YOU! The IMPACTORS Mastermind™ is a group of committed & driven entrepreneurs and business owners. Together, we bring the power of connection, collaboration, and creativity to increase sales, attract more clients and reach our business goals. If you’re ready to leverage the power of AI and collaborate with a community of driven, high-achieving entrepreneurs to increase sales, attract new clients and IMPACT the World, well, we’re waiting for you… Your IMPACT Matters!

Internal Brand Foundation & Strategy

Let's deep dive into who you are, what you care about and why your business exists.

Competitive Analysis & Audience Persona

We'll analyze your competition and discover who your audience is and what they care about.

Brand Psychology & Positioning

We'll help you build a brand persona that connects with your ideal client on an emotional level.

Brand Voice, Tone & Messaging

Then, we'll create a messaging framework that your audience relates and responds to.

Programs, Products & Services

Next, we'll align your programs, products and services to grow your business and generate profit.

Marketing Campaigns, funnels and strategies

We'll help you create relevant, compelling marketing that attracts your ideal client like a magnet!

our portfolio

Hand picked and curated for your viewing pleasure! There’s nothing quite like experiencing something exquisite right before your very eyes. The look, the feel, the way it changes the world around you and your place in it… enjoy!

Aleigh is our Chief Branding Officer
Maegan is one of our graphic designers
Christina is our animator
Amy is one of our graphic designers

about us

Meet our team of skilled professionals

We are an eclectic team of experts with extensive experience and degreed backgrounds in graphic design, product packaging, digital animation, custom illustration, and more. We operate remotely from various corners of the map. Our creative diversity offers deep insights on multiple levels linked by one focused vision – Unique Brand Identity.
We are 100% female owned & operated!

We like big brands and we cannot lie...

We are lucky to call these folks clients

RCA is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Bad Boy Entertainment is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Allure is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Jive Records is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Miramax is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Oracle s just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!
Merck is just one of the top companies Wendy has worked with!

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